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(Formerly known as STEPHEN & ASSOCIATES, P.C.)

Are you being sued by Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, PLLC?

If you are being contacted by Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, PLLC, being sued, or already have a judgment against you, contact us right away. Tariq Law defends consumers against lawsuits filed by Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, PLLC, and helps them protect their rights under the law. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) give consumers significant legal protections against unfair and deceptive debt collection practices. In appropriate circumstances, we can sue them on your behalf for violating FDCPA, FCRA, or any other applicable law.


Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, PLLC is a debt collection law firm. Recently, the firm merged with Stephen & Associates, P.C. Every year, it brings a large number of lawsuits against New Yorkers and collects consumer debts. The firm represents Midland Funding LLC, Cavalry SPV I, LLC, Crown Asset Management, LLC, Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No.15, LLC, Credit Corp Solutions Inc., Second Round LP, etc.


If you have been threatened and sued by Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, PLLC, or they have a judgment against you and you are facing legal action such as wage garnishment and a restrained or frozen bank account, contact us at We may be able to defend you against the lawsuit or help you vacate the judgment. If you feel that your rights have been violated by them, we can help you win statutory damages of up to $1000 as well as actual damages and attorney's fees.

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