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New York City Collection Defense Lawyer

Were You Improperly Served Notice by a Debt Collector?

As the economy affects more consumers, many are having trouble keeping up with their bills and fall behind in their payments. This has lead to increased number of lawsuits being filed, and leads to sloppy service of notices, which can be a big problem in court. If you believe that you were improperly served in your lawsuit, attorneys at The Tariq Law P.C. want to talk with you and help you determine whether you have a case. We have extensive experience in collection defense matters and, by contracting The Tariq Law P.C., you will be assured of prompt attention and a fierce protection of your rights.

Debt Defense in New York City: Proper Lawsuit Notification

A consumer must be notified that a lawsuit is being filed through “proper service.” Per New York law, there are three ways to constitute proper service, generally;


·     Summons delivered to you personally

·     Summons delivered to someone at you home/business, followed by a mailing

·     Summons posted to your door, followed by a mailing


The Tariq Law, P.C. has successfully represented clients with debt collection defense cases for nearly a decade in areas of illegal service of court summons (“sewer service”), debt collection harassment, and many other financial matters. We routinely help people victimized by debt collectors who improperly serve them and abuse the lack of court oversight to get default judgments. We are aware of these abuses and other tactics the collections agencies use and will provide all possible defenses to stop them and protect your rights.


We are a member of the National Association of Consumer Law Advocates and have an attorney who is an Arbitrator for the Small claims Court of New York City, a past Assistant Adjunct Law Professor and a current lecturer on financial subjects. You have the opportunity to use our experience, and extensive resources to help you obtain a positive resolution to your case.

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