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New York City Collection Defense Lawyer

Were You Improperly Served Notice by a Debt Collector?



In today's economic climate, many consumers are struggling to keep up with their bills and consequently falling behind on payments. This trend has led to a surge in lawsuits being filed, often accompanied by hasty and careless service of notices – a significant issue in legal proceedings. If you suspect that you were improperly served in your lawsuit, the attorneys at Tariq Law P.C. are eager to consult with you and assess whether you have a valid case.

With a track record of extensive experience in collection defense matters, our firm is well-positioned to offer you prompt attention and vigorous protection of your rights. By entrusting your case to Tariq Law P.C., you are aligning with a team that understands the intricacies of the law and is dedicated to advocating for your best interests. Your rights and peace of mind are our utmost priority.

Debt Defense in New York City: Proper Lawsuit Notification

A consumer must be notified that a lawsuit is being filed through “proper service.” Per New York law, there are three ways to constitute proper service, generally;


·     Summons delivered to you personally

·     Summons delivered to someone at you home/business, followed by a mailing

·     Summons posted to your door, followed by a mailing


Tariq Law, P.C. has been a steadfast advocate for clients in debt collection defense cases for nearly a decade. Our areas of focus include illegal service of court summons (often referred to as "sewer service"), debt collection harassment, and a myriad of other financial matters. We frequently assist individuals who have been victimized by debt collectors that improperly serve them, exploiting the lack of court oversight to secure default judgments. Our firm is intimately familiar with these abuses and the various tactics collection agencies employ. We are committed to deploying all possible defenses to halt these actions and safeguard your rights.

As a member of the National Association of Consumer Law Advocates, our firm’s credentials extend to having an attorney who serves as an Arbitrator for the Small Claims Court of New York City, a past Assistant Adjunct Law Professor, and a current lecturer on financial subjects. These roles underscore our experience and extensive resources, all of which are at your disposal to help you achieve a favorable resolution to your case.

Protect Your Rights With A Collection Defense Lawyer
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