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Have Your Accounts Been Frozen?

Get Help from a Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in NYC

Being locked out of your own bank account and denied access to your hard-earned money is a terrifying experience, yet it happens all too often. Accounts may be frozen when a creditor has sued you and secured a judgment against you or a joint account holder (if applicable). This action, which cannot be taken without a judgment, is designed to pressure you into making payments.

If your bank account has been frozen, it's crucial to determine whether this action was carried out legally and whether all necessary steps were taken to safeguard your rights. For instance, if you were given no notice of the lawsuit and only learned your accounts were frozen when you were unable to access your funds, you may have substantial grounds for legal action. Even if the freeze was enacted properly, some of your funds could be exempt. Navigating this complex legal landscape requires professional and experienced legal representation.

At Tariq Law P.C., we understand the intricacies of these situations and are prepared to assist you in effectively handling this issue and dealing with any other threatening creditors you may be confronting. Contact us to explore your options and take decisive action to protect your financial security.

Get Help in New York to Get Your Frozen Bank Accounts Released

Time is of the essence when facing a frozen bank account, and the prompt engagement of seasoned legal representation is paramount. Should you wait too long, the funds may be taken, and even if this action is improper, reversing it can be an arduous and time-consuming process. At Tariq Law P.C., we recognize the overwhelming feelings of defeat and exhaustion that such an experience can inflict.

Our team is dedicated to swiftly and effectively navigating these complex legal matters, ensuring your rights are protected, and working diligently to rectify the situation. Contact us today to take decisive action and alleviate the stress of dealing with unscrupulous creditors. 

Unfreeze Your Account Now! Get back to youe finnacial freedom
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