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Default Judgment/Money Judgment

New York City Debt Collection Defense Lawyer


Default judgments, commonly referred to as money judgments, occur when a person is summoned but fails to respond or appear in court. Such a judgment is then entered against the individual in favor of the creditor or the party bringing the charges.

Are you facing a default judgment related to debts owed? If so, a New York City debt collection defense attorney from Tariq Law P.C. may be able to assist you in having it vacated or set aside. What's even more vital, however, is taking proactive measures to prevent a money judgment from materializing in the first place. In these legal matters, time is crucial, and prompt, effective action is paramount.


For more than a decade, Tariq Law P.C. has consistently provided assertive legal defense actions for clients facing debt collection challenges. We have cultivated a nuanced understanding of the complex laws surrounding debt collection—an expertise that sets us apart from most other legal practitioners. If you seek a robust defense and a trusted legal team to stand beside you, don't hesitate. Contact our office today and take control of your financial future.

Protection against Default Judgment and Debt Collectors

New York City's Consumer Protection Laws stand as some of the most robust in the nation, particularly concerning debt collection and harassment by creditors. The Department of Consumer Affairs lists debt collection as the top category of complaints, echoing our firm advice: never ignore a court summons. Engage professional legal representation without delay by reaching out to Tariq Law P.C. The optimal moment to act is well before a default judgment is rendered. Should such a judgment have already been issued, immediate action is essential to prevent your bank accounts from being frozen and depleted.

If you find yourself ensnared in a nightmare of false allegations stemming from identity theft, or suffer due to careless and imprecise tactics employed by collection agencies, process servers, or creditors, Tariq Law P.C. is prepared to take aggressive legal action on your behalf. We are committed to vigorously challenging debt collection scams, improper service of summons, and other forms of debt collection misconduct. Our legal team at Tariq Law P.C. is eager to represent you in holding the responsible parties accountable. With our focus on achieving exemplary outcomes for our clients in these matters, we stand ready to fight for your rights and your financial well-being. Contact us today!

Default Judgment Vs. Money Judgment:Understanding the Differences
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