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Medical Debt Collection Defense in New York City

Are You Trapped by Debts from Medical Bills?

For a decade we have been helping people who have become burdened with debt that is literally ruining their lives. There are many reasons that people get behind on their bills. Commonly, unplanned for and unpredicted accidents and illnesses begin the cycle. Heart attacks, car accidents, extended illnesses, etc. prevent one from working and earning a living. Medical bills begin to pile up and are more and more impossible to pay with the inability to work. The decline can be steep and fast and even when you are able to return to work, it seems like you will never catch up.

When you, or someone whose support on which you depend, are overburdened with medical bills and you are being plagued by angry and threatening creditors, it is time to get help from New York City debt collection defense attorney at our firm. Our legal team at Tariq Law, PC. is compassionate with our clients. We are ruthless and aggressive in defense of your rights and our fight for your best interests. You need legal counsel to fight for you if you are the victim of abuse.

Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in NYC

People often feel that they can handle the overdue bills by talking to the creditors, collection agencies or medical facility billing department. They soon discover that there is little hope of sympathy or help, and then don't know where to turn. What is important to know is that mistakes are commonly made; sloppy and inaccurate records can be identified and could support a case to fight back. A seasoned lawyer will know exactly how to use that to your full advantage.

Collection is big business today. The people trying to collect money from you have a legal team on their side; balance the scales and get one on yours.

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