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New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

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In today's challenging economic landscape, debt collectors continue to thrive, often to the detriment of struggling consumers. Many debt collectors appear indifferent to the real hardships faced by individuals, such as job losses, unprecedented home foreclosures, and other pressing financial dilemmas. Regrettably, some collectors escalate their tactics to aggressive levels, seemingly taking satisfaction in intimidating and pressuring individuals, even when financial resources are depleted. This approach not only disregards the complexity of personal circumstances but often crosses the line of ethical conduct, creating an urgent need for legal protection and compassionate understanding.

4 Reasons to Call Our Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

More than 10 years' representing clients in New York

Served as legal advisor to the New York City Council

High-caliber, client-focused advocacy

Proven track record of success in court

Were you aware that certain unscrupulous debt collectors may be infringing upon laws specifically designed to protect consumer rights, possibly even your own? Engaging in illegal collection practices could make them liable for legal action. At Tariq Law P.C., we stand ready to assist you in recognizing and asserting your legal rights. With a dedicated focus on defending consumers, we offer the guidance and representation needed to challenge those who operate outside the boundaries of the law. Discover the difference we can make in safeguarding your rights today.

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More Information About Debt Defense

As debt collection defense attorneys, we recognize the protections afforded to consumers by both the federal government and the state of New York through a robust framework of federal and state laws. Our mission is to champion these rights with unwavering vigor and dedication. We believe that indebtedness does not diminish your inherent right to dignity and respect. Our commitment extends beyond legal representation; we strive to ensure that your interactions with creditors adhere to the highest standards of fairness and integrity, reflecting our deep conviction that every individual deserves just treatment, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our experienced attorney offers legal services to cover a wide range

of debt collection issues, including:


Seek relief now! If you find yourself dodging phone calls and neglecting your mail, overwhelmed by relentless communications from debt collection agencies, it's time to turn to Tariq Law P.C. for support. We focus on helping you assert your rights, halt unethical debt collectors, and regain control of your financial life. With our dedicated and compassionate approach, we can guide you through the legal landscape, empowering you to stand up to those who would take advantage of your circumstances. Begin your journey towards financial empowerment with Tariq Law P.C. today! Contact us!

Protect Your Finances: New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney
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