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New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

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In today's rough economy, one business remains very busy, and that is debt collection. Debt collectors are unsympathetic to the difficulties that many consumers are having, with job losses and unprecedented home foreclosures among other financial problems. In fact, some of them even seem to enjoy bullying and frightening people as they take their efforts up a notch to get money out of empty wallets.

4 Reasons to Call Our Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

More than 10 years' representing clients in New York

Served as legal advisor to the New York City Council

High-caliber, client-focused advocacy

Proven track record of success in court

Did you know that unscrupulous debt collectors may actually be violating collection laws that were set up to protect the rights of consumers like you? You may have a lawsuit against them if they are practicing illegal collection practices. Discover how we at The Tariq Law P.C. can help you assert your legal rights.

We urge you to contact an NYC debt collection defense lawyer at our firm today to learn about our defense strategies.

More Information About Debt Defense

The federal government and the state of New York protect consumers through federal and state laws and it is our job as debt collection defense attorneys to vigorously defend your rights under these laws. We believe that you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect even if you owe creditors money, and will dedicate our efforts towards ensuring that you are treated fairly.


Our experienced attorney offers legal services to cover a wide range

of debt collection issues, including:


Get relief immediately! If you avoid answering your telephone and rarely open your mail due to the barrage of communiqués from debt collection agencies, the place to start looking for relief is The Tariq Law P.C. We may be able to help you assert your rights, stop bad debt collectors, and take charge of your financial life again.

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