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Our Firm specializes in helping people get back on stable financial footing and defending them from unethical debt collectors as well as the often illegal practices they engage in. We specialize in working with federal and state consumer protection laws designed to protect the average consumer from unfair treatment:

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Subhan Tariq. Esq

Subhan Tariq, Esq. is a federal consumer rights attorney with offices in Manhattan, NY. Having been raised in Flushing and Queens Village, Mr. Tariq is involved in the promulgation of civic and communal life in Queens through his long-standing and continuous involvement in various non-profit organizations. 


What Clients Say

Subhan Tariq is the best lawyer I have ever worked with! The time he took to really listen to my case, and give me a real chance meant a lot. After deciding he would pursue the case, Subhan always communicated excellently with the updates of our lawsuit and made sure to always keep me well informed of my options! As a lawyer he aggressively pursued my case and got me every penny promised! 10/10 I would definitely recommend him time and time again!

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