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Are you being threatened or sued by Selip & Stylianou, LLP?

If you have received a call, a collection letter, or a summons from Selip & Stylianou LLP, take action promptly and contact us today. If you do not respond in the correct way, they may be able to obtain a default judgment resulting in your wages being garnished or your bank account being frozen. Tariq Law defends consumers against debt collection lawsuits brought by Selip & Stylianou and protects them from deceptive tactics. In appropriate circumstances, we can sue Selip & Stylianou for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and any other applicable state laws.

You have rights as a consumer, and if you feel harassed or threatened by the actions of Selip & Stylianou, know that we can help you.


Selip & Stylianou is a licensed debt-collection law firm based in New York that handles a high volume of debt-collection accounts and lawsuits. Some of the creditors Selip & Stylianou represent include Discover, Capital One, Target, Synchrony Bank, Walmart, TD Bank, Midland Credit, and Citibank.

Selip & Stylianou, formerly know as Cohen and Slamowitz, were slapped with many FDCPA violation cases against them which may be the cause of the name and ownership change of the firm. As in 2014, Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP and David Cohen were publicly censured by the state of New York for professional misconduct in attempted debt collections including failing to serve court summons properly and wrongfully obtaining a default judgment. After the court’s decision in 2015, Cohen & Slamowitz merged with the New Jersey Debt Collection Law Firm of Eichenbaum and Stylianou, LLP then Selip & Stylianou was created.

BBB has received 9 complaints against Selip & Stylianou in the past three years. Whereas CFBP has reported 191 complaints in a period of 10 years. These complaints show that the firm can go as far as violating consumers rights under the FDCPA. The firm sues thousands of consumers each year to recover debts as quickly as possible.

Selip & Stylianou is a litigious debt collection agency and they engage in aggressive debt collection practices. Even though they are a licensed agency, they have to comply with the rules of the FDCPA. If you feel intimidated or harassed by Selip & Stylianou or they have a lawsuit against you, reach out to us at We specialize in debt collection harassment and debt collection defense lawsuits and help protect consumers against the unfair and deceptive practices of debt collectors. Our lawyers can raise valid legal defenses to this lawsuit and/or possibly negotiate a settlement so you can protect your interests.



Selip & Stylianou

199 Crossways Park Dr.

Woodbury, NY 11797



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