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Are you threatened or sued by Rubin & Rothman, LLC?

If you are being contacted by Rubin and Rothman, being sued, or already have a judgment against you, contact us right away. Tariq Law defends consumers against lawsuits filed by Rubin and Rothman, LLC, and helps them protect their rights under the law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) give consumers significant legal protections against unfair and deceptive debt collection practices. In appropriate circumstances, we can sue them on your behalf for violating FDCPA, FCRA, or any other applicable law.


Rubin & Rothman is a debt collection law firm based in New York specializing in third-party debt collection. The firm represents debt buyers and creditors such as Ford Motor Credit Company, Citibank, LVNV Funding, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Home Depot Credit Cards, FIA Card Services, Jefferson Capital Systems, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, Sears Credit Cards, GE Money Bank, and Equable Ascent Financial, LLC. They also collect on defaulted private student loan debt for National Collegiate Student Loan. Rubin & Rothman is accredited with BBB.


In the case, Clayson v. Rubin & Rothman, LLC, the Western District of New York ruled that Rubin & Rothman had violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 (FDCPA) by speaking twice to the debtor's mother about the debt without the debtor's consent. 


A class-action lawsuit was brought against Rubin & Rothman in Tito v. Rubin & Rothman, LLC. The suit made claims that the firm used deceptive and misleading tactics and falsely represented to consumers that TD Auto Finance was "not required to be licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs." It violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and therefore, paid $22,592 in damages.


In 2018, Mr. Garcia claims in his Complaint that Rubin & Rothman violated the Fair Debt Act by misrepresenting the amount due in the Application for Default and by employing other unfair or unscrupulous techniques to collect the debt he owed to Toyota. The company paid heavy costs in award to Mr. Garcia. (Garcia v. Rubin & Rothman, LLC)


According to the New York State Unified Court System, the New York debt collection law firm Rubin & Rothman filed 15,978 New York debt collection cases in 2021. Rubin & Rothman is more of a fancy debt collection agency rather than a law firm that uses courts as a tool to collect on debts. Rubin & Rothman is a law firm as well as a debt collection agency. Every year, they sue thousands of consumers to collect the debt. Once they have a judgment against you, your wages can be garnished and your bank account can be frozen. Seek advice before it's too late. We can help you resolve a debt, vacate a judgment or defend a lawsuit brought by Rubin & Rothman.


If you want to claim your rights and protection under the FDCPA, you can sue Rubin & Rothman, LLC for statutory damages up to $1000 as well as for actual damages and the attorney’s fees. Contact us at for more information and guidance.

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