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What is the Cost To Do Background Employment Checks?

There is no industry-standard fee for conducting an employment background check ‒ the price depends on which searches you need performed. Most background check agencies charge per report.

Some companies offer bundled plans (multiple screenings and checks you can conduct under one plan), and others offer them on an a la carte basis. Of the providers that offer preset background screening plans, typically, they offer a few tiered packages.

Actual costs and checks conducted for each plan will vary based on the provider you choose, but below is an average of what you can expect in terms of the typical services included in your typical basic, mid-tier, and premium-tier plan and the average cost of these plans.

Basic screening package (Inexpensive plan to confirm a person's identity and criminal history)

  • Cost: $15 to $30 per report

  • Screens: Basic criminal and identity verification, including Social Security number trace; national criminal databases searches; and sex offender registry searches

Standard screening (Affordable, mid-level plan; ideal for small businesses)

  • Cost: $30 to $60 per report

  • Screens: Everything offered in the basic plans, plus a domestic watch list search and a county criminal court search that searches through seven years of records

Premium screening (Expensive, comprehensive plan for advanced screening)

  • Cost: $60 to $80 per report

  • Screens: Everything offered in the standard plans, plus education and employment verifications

In addition to the fee you'll pay for a report, be prepared to shell out capital on additional fees.

Some agencies charge a one-time setup fee, ranging from $25 to $50, to cover the cost of the account verification process.

You may also be charged third-party fees for specific checks, like education or employment verification, court fees and drug screenings. These fees vary by state and provider.

In our research, most background check agencies list pricing on their websites, but some did not, and that, in many cases, is because the provider offers screenings that you can mix and match. In these cases, you'll need to contact a representative for a price quote.

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