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How to Report A Debt Collector?

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What Are Debt Collectors not allowed to do?

Debt Collectors are not allowed to harass you, for example:

· Collectors cannot threaten to hurt you

· Collectors are not allowed to use obscene or profane language

· Collectors cannot repeatedly call you

Debt Collectors are not allowed to lie to you, for example:

· Debt collectors are not allowed to tell you that you owe a different amount than what you actually owe

· Debt collectors may not pretend to be an attorney or from the government

· Debt collectors cannot tell you that you will be arrested, or claim they will take legal action against you if it is not true

Debt Collectors cannot treat you unfairly, for example:

· Debt collectors are not allowed to collect interest, introduce their own fees, or other charges on top of the amount you owe unless the original contract says they can

· Debt collectors cannot deposit a post-dated check early

· Debt collectors cannot publicly reveal your debts, including by sending postcards or putting information on envelopes

If you encounter any of these problems with a debt collector report them to:

· The Federal Trade Commission

· The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

· Your State Attorney General

What can I do if I think a Debt Collector broke the law?

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· Besides reporting them, you can sue a collector in a state or federal court. You will need to file your lawsuit within one year of when the collector broke the law. If you lost wages or had medical bills because of the things the debt collector did, you can sue for those damages. If you cannot prove damages, the judge can still award you up to $1,000, plus reimburse you for attorney’s fees and court costs. However, even if a court finds a debt collector violated the FDCPA, you may still owe the debt.

· Need help finding a lawyer to sue a debt collector? Call us today at 718-674-1245 or message here.



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