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Credit Dispute Letter Process

Why You Should Always Dispute Via Certified Mail?

The old way is the best!

When you spot an error in your credit report, your next step should be to get the inaccuracy removed as soon as possible. You can dispute the error on your credit report in three ways: by phone, online, or certified mail. While disputing on call and online can be quick and easy yet the archaic way of sending a letter through the mail, though a bit slow, is the most effective and the right choice. Here’s why. When you mail the written dispute letter, you have the opportunity to document the whole process of the dispute with the credit agency. Later in court, it will have an evidentiary value to prove that you contacted the agency disputing the inaccuracy and they received the dispute. You can track the letter, and then ‘the return receipt requested is the proof that the company received it.

If they don’t fix their mistake, you will have the proof to sue them and seek damages. Otherwise, by phone and online dispute, you merely have online records which lack credibility and will be difficult to prove. Thus, certified mail is the best option for all disputing options. Things your dispute letter must contain. When writing a dispute letter, ensure it contains all the important information and relevant documents to strengthen your complaint. It must have your identifying information, including your full name, credit report number, address, date of birth, social security number, etc.

This way, you identify yourself to the credit agency; Company’s information, including its name and address; Information about the disputed item, including your account number, type of disputed item, furnisher’s name, and your explanation for why you are disputing the item, and list of all the significant documents that establish the certainty of inaccuracy. Don’t forget to mail a copy of your credit report with disputed items marked and highlighted along with the letter, you need to send supporting documents depending on the item you are disputing.

For instance, if you are disputing the account, you have settled that shows a balance in your report, you should attach a copy of the bank statement with that account information and letters from the creditor stating that you settled the account. Send copies of the documents and keep the originals. The more documents you attach, the stronger the chances of removing the error will be. Print a copy of the letter also, just in case.

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