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Libra Equities, LLC​

Tariq Law defends consumers against lawsuits filed by Libra Equities, LLC. If you receive a call or letter from Libra Equities, LLC, first consult and seek advice from a lawyer. In appropriate circumstances, we may also sue them for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or any other applicable laws.

Libra Equities is a debt collection company based in New York that buys defaulted debts and sues debtors to collect them. It is also associated with PinPoint technologies LLC. and sometimes associated with Houslanger & Associates.

If you have received a collection letter, phone call, or summons from Libra Equities, LLC, reach out to us at to discuss how we can help you resolve your debt with the firm. Tariq Law can advise you on all possible legal options which may include debt disputing, debt defense, debt settlement, filing for bankruptcy, or filing a lawsuit on your behalf against Libra Equities, LLC under FDCPA. If you feel that your rights have been violated by them, we can help you win statutory damages of up to $1000 as well as actual damages and attorney's fees which you are entitled to. 


243 ROUTE 100, 

SOMERS, New York

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