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Seeking Legal Help For Credit Reporting Errors

Some mistakes in credit reporting are just tedious. However, others may have disastrous effects on your financial situation. Though in both situations, you should dispute the error on your report to be on the safe side.

While you dispute your error, the lengthy, drawn-out process of contacting the credit reporting bureaus, filing formal requests for error correction, and dealing with the financial repercussions can be difficult and exhausting. Before appropriate action is taken, this process may take several months or even years. Each Equifax, Experian, and Transunion has a different procedure for handling inaccuracies in credit reporting.

Sometimes you are successful in resolving credit errors with the credit bureaus. Still, sometimes, no matter how hard you work, there are situations when fixing a credit reporting issue is a losing battle—at least unless you hire an attorney.

We are aware of how irritating and helpless it can be to experience a credit reporting issue and not know what to do to resolve it. We can help you! Below are some instances in which it may be time to seek assistance from an attorney who will act on your behalf.

1) You're not making any progress trying to dispute the error on your own: The inaccuracies persist even after you have completed all of the credit bureaus' requirements. Even though the reasons for your credit rating's decline have nothing to do with you, you are forced to watch as it soars through the roof.

2) Credit errors are either overly intricate or numerous: Many factors can cause credit ratings to decline. Bankruptcy, medical problems, or job losses are just a few examples of life events that can lead to credit complexity that requires the attention and focus of an experienced legal professional to sort through it.

3) Credit reporting companies or your debtors are ignoring, rejecting, or refusing you: This can be a frustrating circumstance. You try to resolve your credit reporting issue by doing everything correctly and filing all the necessary paperwork, but all you receive in return is silence or refusal.

4) You've been unsuccessful working with a "Credit Repair Company": Legal professionals are rarely employed by credit repair companies. They frequently employ staff who have been schooled in how to restore credit over time administratively. This is opposed to a state-licensed attorney initiating legal action on your behalf to address the issue at its core.

If you are experiencing these signs, consider contacting Tariq Law, PC, at We assist consumers in correcting the inaccuracies in their credit reports and, even in some circumstances, take action against the credit reporting agencies in order to compensate for their loss.



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