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If you request a credit report and do not obtain access to it or if you find that part or all of your credit history is missing from your credit report, there can be an error on the part of the credit bureau. This is a common form of error known as a ‘merged credit file’.

A merged file is created when credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion add information from two (or more), different consumers, to the credit file of only one of those consumers. As a result, there is a merged file, and the credit file of one or more consumers can be entirely or partially erased. In other words, a merged credit file occurs when a credit bureau completely merges the credit files of two or more different consumers into one credit file which results in one consumer having information in his or her credit file that does not belong to him. On the other hand, another consumer's entire credit history essentially vanishes because a credit bureau has placed all or nearly all of his information into the credit file of another.

This generally happens when people have similar or identical names or social security numbers. The credit bureau can also mistakenly identify one consumer as another and merge their financial histories into one file. These kinds of credit reporting errors can have a devastating effect on a consumer’s report. Eventually, it can destroy the consumer’s financial health. Inadequate credit reports can result in the denial of a loan or disapproval for renting a house or getting a job.

The credit bureaus have a duty under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to produce an accurate report. Therefore, they must act to fix a merged file when consumers demand an investigation.

Look out for all of these kinds of errors in your credit report and report it to the credit bureau immediately. It is important you evaluate your credit report to ensure the data is accurate. Otherwise, credit errors such as merged credit files can lead to the lowering of your credit scores.



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