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How to Stop Annoying Robocalls! SUE THEM!

Tired of your cell phone constantly ringing because of robocalls? You’re not alone and you do not need to put up with it; the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a complete collection of rules and regulations regarding the manner in which collection agencies, creditors, telemarketers and many more companies can reach out to you.

Some of the most important regulations include restrictions on Robocalls and auto text messaging. Robocalls to a mobile phone is frustrating because it amounts to a barrage of unwanted phone calls from annoying telemarketers and debt collectors that detract from our day-to-day living. Our cell phones are constantly with us and it can be extremely irritating to pick up your phone over and over again whether its at work, with your family, or a night out with friends just to hear another one of those pre-recorded messages or that same old telemarketing company trying to sell you something for the hundredth time.

Robocalls are awful in every sense of the word. Whether it is forcing our elderly parents out of bed in the morning to answer the home telephone or interrupting a dinner at night, they can drive us absolutely insane. Some victims are forced to change their telephone numbers, others are willing to cancel telephone service altogether. Robocalls may even lead you to believe that you’re better off destroying your phone so you don’t have to deal with the harassment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Robocalls actually have to follow strict requirements, and failure to comply can lead to major compensation.

One solution is to add your mobile and home phone to the National “Do Not Call” (DNC) list today at Incoming calls from sellers or marketers after 31 days of placement on the National DNC list can entitle you to compensation.

Did you know that companies are in violation of the TCPA if they Robocall you without written permission? Moreover, in the event that these companies have written permission, you are entitled to withdraw consent right over the phone. Calls being made after the initial withdrawal can amount to up to $1,500 in compensation per call. For example, if a company has called you ten times after you have requested placement on the DNC list, you may be entitled to compensation ranging from $500-$1,500 per robocall in violation of the TCPA and/or DNC list. That up to $15,000 dollars!

Using the strict rules of the TCPA we can fight numerous companies including harassing creditors and collectors and not only put an end to Robocalls, but also win you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If you’re tired of the harassment and abuse, don’t give up on your phone, instead contact us at Tariq Law Firm today and we can work together to not only put an end to the infuriating Robocalls but also win you the money you deserve.

For more information and to schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION, call our office (516) 900-4529 or email us at

Common Violations Of The TCPA:

  • Auto-dialers calling your cell phone without prior written consent.

  • Auto-dialers texting your cell phone without prior written consent

  • Robo-dialed calls made after 9 PM or before 8 AM

  • Failure to maintain a Do Not Call (DNC) list

  • Failure to honor the National DNC list

  • Failure to disclose information promptly regarding their identity and purpose for calling

The TCPA Must Be Honored By The Following:

  • Solicitors/Telemarketers

  1. Consumer calls for commercial purposes

  2. These include a company attempting to offer you products or services

  • Auto-dialers/Robocallers

  1. Where there is a live person or prerecorded message or text using either a call software or automatic dialing system.

  2. You can tell an auto-dialer is being used based on a brief pause on their end before they respond.

  • Debt Collectors, Creditors and Marketing Companies

  1. Debt collection agencies are in violation if they call or text your mobile phone using an auto-dialer or prerecorded message.

  2. Exception: Debt collectors are allowed to call in the event that they manually dial your phone number and have a live person on their end.

For more information and to schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION, call our office (516) 900-4529 or email us at



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