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How to Remove Medical Bills from Your Credit Report

Credit scores can be tarnished in a variety of ways. For some, the low score is a result of negligence and overspending, but for others, the reasons are often completely out of their control. Unfortunately, there are cases where consumers with a solid history of on-time payments and responsible financial behavior suddenly have a solid credit track record destroyed due to an unforeseen medical event.

Even those who are gainfully employed with adequate health insurance coverage can fall prey to this predicament in some extreme circumstances, where costly surgeries or extensive medical treatments and medications are required to address a serious health concern. This is disheartening, to say the least.

The healthiest among us need to be prepared when it comes to high medical bills and our credit, and you should arm yourself with the facts now, so you are prepared to protect your credit score if this situation arises.

Some of the ways you can delete medical collections from your credit include:

· Preparing a goodwill letter asking for relief

· Negotiating a Pay for Delete: with Pay for Delete you can negotiate to delete the reporting of the medical bill in return for payment

· If you disagree with the charges you could also dispute the account until it is deleted.4

We have the tools to help you fix your credit report problems.

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