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Gathering Evidence For A Debt Harassment Case

Debt collection harassment is on the rise as more and more consumers are complaining about facing threats, abusive representation, unfair credit ratings, and misleading bills from debt collection companies.

Although there are laws that protect you from such illegal tactics and harassment, it all comes down to having solid evidence to succeed in winning your case. If you believe that a lender, creditor, or collector is treating you unfairly, gathering as much information as you can regarding this unjust treatment is crucial.

For your potential consumer rights lawsuit, consider the following advice on how to obtain comprehensive evidence:

® Whenever you are contacted about a debt, ask to see the accounts and documents in writing, regardless of whether you believe that you owe the debt or not. You have the right to ask for copies of the account information and for details about the original creditor and previous debt collection attempts. Try to collect as much of this information in writing as you can since there is a chance that it will be admissible in court and will have strong evidentiary value as a result.

® It is important to double-check all of your records because calculation mistakes can occasionally occur. Inaccurate information can also be entered into your debt accounts. Examine your online accounts, bank and credit card statements, and other documentation provided by your lenders, and contrast them with the information that debt collection agencies have given you or have sent to you by mail.

® Save evidence of every interaction with the debt collector, even if it may seem like a hassle, because the more convincing evidence you have, the more of a chance you have of succeeding in your case. This can include any illegal communication between the collector and you, your employer, family, or friends, any letters, emails, phone conversations, and text messages.

The law protects you from any illegal practices or abusive behavior by debt collectors. If you feel harassed or threatened by them, contact us today at We defend consumers against harassment at the hands of debt collectors and guide them on their rights under the law.



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