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If your home is being threatened with foreclosure, it is imperative that you meet with one of the legal professionals at our firm and find out if you have a viable foreclosure defense. It may be possible to challenge the foreclosure proceedings and avoid losing your home, or to avoid the long-term consequences of a foreclosure on your credit report.

If you have been following any of the news coverage on the mortgage industry, you have heard the stories of judges throwing out foreclosure cases in NYC and many other areas in the country. During the rapid inflation of mortgages during the few years prior to the mortgage meltdown, the documentation and standard procedures were faulty or even fraudulent, fraud committed by many of large and small mortgage lenders alike.

Why Choose Our Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?

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The truth has been exposed about the highly unethical practices of mortgage industry. These practices included actions such as employees signing documents they have not read or even using false signatures. This practice is so widespread it now has a name: "robo-signing." Mortgage documents have been lost and incorrectly dated. Our firm aggressively fights against these types of practices and tirelessly protects the rights of our clients. We are proud of our reputation defending clients in debt collection defense.

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How Foreclosure Defense Works

As court traffic loads increase, judges do not have the time to meticulously search through the massive documentation involved in mortgages and the selling and transferring of mortgages from one bank to another. Fraudulent and sloppy practices have made it impossible in many cases for the entity trying to foreclose to prove to the court who is the legitimate holder of the mortgage. You cannot rely on the judge to find these things out for you. You need the experience and insight of a knowledgeable attorney in this field to review your case, find these discrepancies and then ensure that the judge is made aware of them.

Our firm can provide this service for you. We know how to obtain the documents from the banks or lenders, what to look for, and how to present the evidence of fraud or errors by the lender in court. Many of the activities engaged in by mortgage lenders have been found to be illegal. To deal with them effectively and efficiently, you will be well served to have our legal team representing you and demanding the information so that the foreclosure on your home can be challenged.

Not every foreclosure will be challenged based upon fraud. You have rights under the Truth in Lending Act, and other options that may be possible to halt the sale of your home, or perhaps a short sale can help you move forward without the blot of a foreclosure on your credit score. Whatever the right course is for you, we will zealously protect your rights and interests. You must call our office so that we can review your documentation and determine the best course of action for you in your unique case.

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